Documents - Health And Safety

Document Name
WCL4 First medical report
WCL5 Progress medical report
WCL6 Resumption report
WCL14 Notice of disease and claim compensation
WCL20 Enquiry unpaid medical account
WCL26 Final medical report
WCL46 Burial expense account
WCL1E Employers report of occupational disease
Appointment of fire and emergency coordinator V2
Appointment of foreman V2
Appointment of safety rep V2
Earth leakage register V2
Fire extinguisher register V2
Hand tools inspection register V2
PPE register V2
WCL2 Employers report of an accident
WCL3 Notice of accident for compensation
WCL22 Medical report occupational disease
Appointment of 16.2 V2
Appointment of first aider V2
Appointment of housekeeping supervisor V2
Ceramic Pro OHS Manual V2
Emergency numbers V2
First aid box register V2
Induction for employees V2